The Sole Leather


Leather-Working: a passion handed down from generation to generation, as in the case of Volpi Concerie.

The raw materials, high quality hides exclusively selected in Europe, are treated with all the infinite patience required to maintain unchanged their original fibrous structure and their characteristics of elasticity and durability. The raw materials are made into products which reach from 2.5 to 6.00 mm in thickness.

The tanning is still carried out in great pits where the hides treated with vegetable extracts, are slowly put through the process which will give them those special characteristics peculiar to the finest sole leather.

Volpi Concerie specializes mainly in soles for men’s footwear, although the production of soles for ladies’ footwear is also of the finest quality.
Water-resistance, ability to "breathe", elasticity and softness make Volpi-guaranteed leather the ideal support for protagonist who want to keep the pace.

In order to offer a better product, 15 years ago Volpi Concerie acquired the ROCCA Tannery.
The sole leather ROCCA, in fact, is leader in the sector for its physical and chemical peculiarities, which makes it, completely biodegradable, as well as particularly waterproof and with a high level of active airing, so as to make the shoes even more comfortable to wear and elegant.